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Allergies: The Unbearable Sniffing, Sneezing and Drainage

My name is Marilyn Baker, and I have horrible allergies. I’m 42 years old and have been suffering from allergies since I was a child. I have seasonal and environmental allergies. Allergies plague me year round. When I was young, my parents even moved to a dryer area in the hope of helping me. Over the past eight years, I have done extensive research both through doctors and online. I have managed to come up with some combinations that have helped me a great deal. My allergies aren’t gone, but they have become manageable. I do have to have allergy shots, but I also use some natural remedies. I am happy to be able to share my findings with you here on my blog. I hope you can find some of this of value.

Allergies: The Unbearable Sniffing, Sneezing and Drainage


Important Details To Know About COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing can offer greater assurance to people who are worried that they may have contracted the coronavirus. Whether the result turns out to be positive or negative, COVID-19 testing can be a useful tool for people who want to keep themselves and other people better protected. Here are some of the most important details to know about COVID-19 testing. Testing Isn't Always Recommended for Asymptomatic Individuals Many testing sites discourage people who aren't experiencing any symptoms to undergo testing.

3 Types Of Aesthetic Services That Can Make You Feel More Confident

Want to feel more confident while getting pampered by an esthetician? If you would love to do so, there are some aesthetic services worth trying. Estheticians provide these services to treat some of the most common skin problems that people often experience. Their technique and the tools used to treat the skin can easily give you a boost of confidence by making your skin look smooth, hydrated, and healthy. Assorted Facials

5 Tips for Dealing With the Side Effects of Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, you are going to be working with your doctor to slow the advance of your cancer and to improve your chances. When it comes to treatment, you may have to deal with therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy, which can result in some pretty serious side effects, ranging from constipation to fatigue to hair loss and mood swings, just to name a few.

What Are The Benefits Of Blood-Flow Restriction Training?

Getting your strength back after an injury, illness, or accident isn't always easy. You may need help from a physical therapist. While exercises and other rehabilitation techniques can put you on the road to recovery, this can take time. In some cases, your therapist may recommend that you try blood-flow restriction training. How does this treatment work, and what are its benefits? What Is Blood-Flow Restriction Training? If you have some muscle weakness or need to rebuild muscle mass in your arms or legs, then strengthening exercises and training programs can help.