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Allergies: The Unbearable Sniffing, Sneezing and Drainage

My name is Marilyn Baker, and I have horrible allergies. I’m 42 years old and have been suffering from allergies since I was a child. I have seasonal and environmental allergies. Allergies plague me year round. When I was young, my parents even moved to a dryer area in the hope of helping me. Over the past eight years, I have done extensive research both through doctors and online. I have managed to come up with some combinations that have helped me a great deal. My allergies aren’t gone, but they have become manageable. I do have to have allergy shots, but I also use some natural remedies. I am happy to be able to share my findings with you here on my blog. I hope you can find some of this of value.

Allergies: The Unbearable Sniffing, Sneezing and Drainage

3 Reasons To Visit A Gastroenterologist

by Clifton Davidson

Everyone does it, and yet, a lot of people just do not talk about when they have a bowel movement, what their bathroom habits are like, or the problems they are experiencing. When you are having issues with your stomach or intestinal system, a gastroenterologist is a professional who can help. Take a look at some of the reasons you should visit a gastroenterologist if you are having problems. 

You are bleeding when you have a bowel movement. 

Bleeding when you have a bowel movement is not normal. Rectal bleeding can occur if you have experienced constipation and your stool is especially hard or large. However, even these problems should not be overlooked as unimportant because there is an underlying cause if the problem is an ongoing one. Bleeding during bowel movements can point to problems like hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer, and other intestinal problems that should not be ignored because early diagnosis is the key to full recovery. 

There are sudden changes in your bowel habits. 

Sudden changes in your bowel movements can have underlying causes that should be immediately checked out by a professional. A few examples of sudden changes in bowel habits would include things like:

  • How frequently you have a bowel movement
  • The looseness or density of your stool
  • How it feels when you have a bowel movement

Occasional changes are pretty normal because your system reacts differently to the varied foods you put in your body. However, sudden changes that stick around are something you should always pay attention to. 

You have stool that is pale or really dark. 

Your stool can take on color hues from the foods that you eat, so it will naturally be different colors according to what has been digested. However, there are certain stool colors that you should really pay attention to because they can be signs that something is really wrong in your gastrointestinal system. First, if you have stool that is really pale, clay-colored, or almost white, it can be a sign of things like cirrhosis of the liver or even hepatitis. Stool that is excessively dark can be that color because it is coated in darkened blood, which can be a sign of colorectal cancer. 

Your bathroom habits are a good indication of your overall health, so being mindful of changes in your gastrointestinal system is important. Reach out to a gastroenterologist if you suspect you have a health issue that needs attention.